Retiree Benefits

You’ve worked hard, contributed your time and talent to Marathon Oil, and now you’re considering retirement. There are many things to think about, including how retirement affects your financial stability as well as you and your family’s health care benefits. Rest assured — whether you’re already eligible for Medicare or simply getting close to that milestone, our Marathon Oil retiree medical benefits have you covered!


Marathon Oil Benefits Department
Customer Service Number: 1-855-652-3067
Pre-65 Health Plan administered by: UnitedHealthcare®
Customer Service Number: 1-888-266-4066
Post-65 Medicare Supplement Plan administered by: One Exchange
Customer Service Number: 1-844-686-0481
Pre-65 Prescription Drug Coverage administered by: Express Scripts
Customer Service Number: 1-800-841-3423
Pre-65 Dental Plan administered by: Cigna Dental
Customer Service Number: 1-800-244-6224
Pre-65 Vision Plan administered by: UnitedHealthcare® Vision
Customer Service Number: 1-800-638-3120
Pre-65 Retiree and COBRA Billing/Payments: UHC
Customer Service Number: 1-866-747-0048
Life Insurance administered by: Minnesota Life
Customer Service Number: 1-877-282-1752
Marathon Oil Company Benefits Service Center at Fidelity
Phone: 1-800-841-0213

Anthem Data Breach

As you may have seen in the news Anthem, Inc., Marathon Oil Company's former health insurance provider, recently had a security breach on January 29th. Marathon Oil Company has not been notified as a corporation however we understand that there is a potential that current and former employees may be affected and are in fact being notified by Anthem. Below is a copy of the notice that some employees of Marathon Oil Company have received. We wanted to confirm to you that it is a legitimate notice and while we have reached out to Anthem to try and obtain additional information, at this time all that they will share with Marathon Oil Company is that they are reaching out directly to those who may have potentially been impacted and doing what is legally required of them. If you do receive a notice from Anthem similar to the one pictured below, Marathon encourages you to carefully read the email, fully consider the Identity Protection Services offered and contact their Toll-Free Hotline with any additional questions. Out of concern for our current and former employees, Marathon Oil Company will provide you with any additional update or communication we receive from Anthem.

What Are My Retiree Health Plan Options?

The options available to you as a retiree depend on your age. If you and/or your covered spouse are not yet 65, you will participate in the Pre-65 Health Plan, which offers essentially the same choices you had as an active employee. If you and/or your covered spouse have turned 65 – or when you do turn 65 – you will participate in the Post-65 Health Plan, which is a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Pre-65 Retiree Coverage

The Marathon Oil Company Health Plan offers Pre-65 retirees, who are not eligible for Medicare, two options: the Health Investment Plan (HIP) Option and the Traditional Plan Option. Both options:

  • Offer care through UnitedHealthcare’s extensive provider network.
  • Cover the same medical services.
  • Allow you to use out-of-network providers (and pay more for services).

The primary difference between the two options is how and when you pay your share of health care costs.

Note: If you live an area with no access to in-network providers, you will be eligible for the Out-of-Area Options. Coverage under these plan options is the same as the in-network provisions of the HIP Option and the Traditional Plan Option. Your enrollment materials will indicate if these are options for you.

Pre-65 Retiree Health Plan Comparison Chart

The following provides an overview of the medical benefits offered under our pre-65 Health Plan options for 2015.

2015 Marathon Oil Pre-65 Health Plan Options Comparison
HIP Option Traditional Plan Option
In-Network1 Out-of-Network In-Network1 Out-of-Network
Company Contribution to HSA for 2015 Retiree Only coverage: $500

Retiree + coverage2: $1,000
Individual Deductible $1,300 $3,900 $500 $1,500
Family Deductible $2,600 $7,800 N/A N/A
Coinsurance You pay 15% after deductible is met You pay 35% after deductible is met You pay 15% after deductible is met You pay 35% after deductible is met
Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum $2,600 (combined with prescription drug) $7,800 (combined with prescription drug) $3,000 (separate from prescription drug) $15,000 (separate from prescription drug)
Family Out-of-Pocket Maximum $5,200 (combined with prescription drug) $15,600 (combined with prescription drug) $9,000 for three or more members (separate from prescription drug) N/A
Preventive Services Plan covers at 100% (no deductible) You pay 35% after deductible is met, plus any amount over Reasonable & Customary3 Plan covers at 100% (no deductible) You pay 35% after deductible is met, plus any amount over Reasonable & Customary3
Emergency Room Services (if NOT admitted to hospital) You pay 15% after deductible is met You are responsible for the first $150 of charges for each Emergency Room visit (counts toward your deductible and annual medical out-of-pocket maximum)

1 In-network provisions apply if you live in an area with no access to in-network providers, as determined by your Personalized Benefits Summary.

2 Applies to the Retiree + Spouse/Domestic Partner, Retiree + Children, and Retiree + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Children coverage.

3 A “Reasonable & Customary” charge is the amount customarily charged for a given service by other physicians in the area (often defined as a specific percentile of all charges in the community), and the reasonable cost of services for a given patient after review of the case.

Pre-65 Retirees – Traditional Plan Option

With the Traditional Plan Option, you’ll pay more for your coverage, but less for your medical services.

The Traditional Plan Option has lower deductibles – that’s the amount you must pay before the plan starts paying – so the plan will start paying benefits earlier. However, your retiree contributions are higher, so you’re paying more in “up-front” costs before you use medical services.

Pre-65 Retirees – Health Investment Plan (HIP) Option

If you typically need only preventive care with a couple of additional doctor visits and have no serious chronic illnesses, you could save money with the Health Investment Plan (HIP) Option.

The HIP Option has lower retiree contributions than the Traditional Plan Option. But the deductibles are higher and, for non-preventive drugs, you must first meet the health plan deductible before cost-sharing applies.

To help you with your out-of-pocket health care costs, each year you elect the HIP Option, Marathon Oil will contribute $500 for Retiree Only coverage or $1,000 for Retiree + coverage (Retiree + Spouse/Domestic Partner and/or Children) to your Health Savings Account (HSA).

Post-65 Retiree Coverage

We recognize that medical expenses can place a sizeable financial burden on you and your family. To help, Marathon Oil offers the Medicare Supplement Health Plan to help post age-65 retirees and their post age-65 spouses pay expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance related to services covered under Part A and Part B of Medicare.

To benefit from the Medicare Supplement Plan, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. However, you should NOT enroll in a separate Medicare Part D plan.

Retiree Health Plan Rates

We understand that your needs for medical care, and the resulting costs, can increase as you age. To help lower your out-of-pocket costs, Marathon Oil designed a retiree subsidy program based on your years of service with the Company.

Currently, we determine the Marathon Oil subsidy toward your Retiree Health Plan premium using the 4% accrual method, which provides a 4% Company subsidy for each year of service after age 30. The amount of subsidy you will receive is determined as of your retirement date. For example, if you started working at Marathon Oil when you were 45, and you now retire at age 65, the Company will subsidize 80% of your premiums (4% x 20 years).

You can use the chart in the link below to determine how much you will pay for retiree coverage in 2015 based on your years of service, Health Plan option, and coverage level.

What Are the Retiree Prescription Drug Benefits?

A health plan wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive prescription drug benefit package. Pre-65 retiree prescription drug coverage is managed by Express Scripts. To help ensure the lowest costs possible, all prescription and self-injectable drugs must be purchased through a participating retail network pharmacy or through Express Scripts Mail Order. As required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the plan pays 100% for certain designated drugs.

For information on mail order, to review generic and brand-name drugs on Express Scripts’ formulary, or to obtain more information on the prescription drug benefit, go to

Pre-65 Retiree Prescription Drug Benefits

The following chart highlights the prescription drug benefits offered as part of the Pre-65 Health Plan options. Note that eligible preventive drugs are covered differently under the HIP Option. Review the list in the link below for eligible preventive drugs.

HIP Option Non-Preventive Drugs — HIP Option
Plan Feature Retail and Mail Order
In-Network Deductible (combined with medical) $1,300 individual/$2,600 family
Generic, Formulary and Non-Formulary You pay 15% after the deductible is met
Out-of-Pocket Maximum (combined with medical) $2,600 individual/$5,200 family

Eligible Preventive Drugs — HIP Option
Plan Feature Retail Mail Order
In-Network Deductible No deductible No deductible
Generic You pay 15% ($5 minimum) You pay 15% ($10 minimum, $200 maximum)
Formulary You pay 15% ($25 minimum) You pay 15% ($50 minimum, $200 maximum)
Non-Formulary You pay 50% ($35 minimum) You pay 50% ($100 minimum)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $2,600 individual/$5,200 family $2,600 individual/$5,200 family

Traditional Plan Option All Drugs — Traditional Plan Option
Plan Feature Retail Mail Order
In-Network Deductible $100 No deductible
Generic You pay 20% ($5 minimum) You pay 20% ($10 minimum, $200 maximum)
Formulary You pay 20% ($25 minimum) You pay 20% ($50 minimum, $200 maximum)
Non-Formulary You pay 50% ($35 minimum) You pay 50% ($100 minimum)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum N/A $3,500

Pre-65 Retiree Prescription Benefits – Generic Election Provision

If you purchase a brand-name drug when a generic is available, you’ll pay the designated coinsurance for the generic drug, plus 100% of the difference in price between the generic and brand-name drug.

Example: If you’re enrolled in the Traditional Plan Option and you request an approved* brand-name formulary drug that costs $130 and its generic equivalent costs $30, you’ll pay $106, calculated as follows:

20% of $30 (generic drug cost) = $6
$130 – $30 (difference in price) = + $100
Total you pay = $106

*On Express Scripts’ list of approved drugs (formulary)

Pre-65 Retiree Prescription Benefits – Maintenance Drugs — Incentive Provision

Do you have an ongoing prescription you use on a regular basis? Save money and time by ordering it online through Express Scripts mail order and having it delivered directly to your home.

To encourage the use of mail order, the cost for the 4th and subsequent fills of a “maintenance drug” purchased at a participating retail pharmacy will be higher, as shown in the chart below.

At Fourth Fill and After...
Type of Maintenance Medication Plan Pays Member Pays
Generic Drugs 60% 40%
Formulary Brand-Name Drugs 60% 40%
Non-Formulary Brand-Name Drugs 20% 80%

Post-65 Retiree Prescription Drug Benefits

Post-65 Retirees will have the option to enroll in a prescription drug plan as part of their health plan enrollment through One Exchange. This allows retirees to choose a Medicare compatible prescription drug plan that best meets their individual needs. If you have questions about enrolling in a plan or your current election please contact One Exchange at 1-844-686-0481.

Pre-65 Retiree Dental and Vision Plans

If looking forward to retirement is making you smile, you’ll want to be sure to continue your regular dental and vision health regimen. Marathon Oil makes that easy for you with our retiree dental and vision plans for pre-65 retirees and their families.

Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan

We all know that prevention is key. By maintaining a proper dental health regimen and visiting a dentist every six months, you can prevent a host of oral diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis. Marathon Oil’s Dental PPO Plan aids in this prevention strategy by covering preventive, diagnostic, basic and major reconstructive services with a minimal deductible.

The Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan is administered by Cigna Dental. When you need dental care, you can see any licensed dentist; however, if you receive care from an in-network Cigna PPO dentist, you pay a discounted rate for services.

Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan
In-Network Out-of-Network1
Calendar-Year Maximum (per person)
  $1,000 $1,000
Calendar-Year Deductible
  • Individual
$50 $50
Preventive & Diagnostic Care
  • Oral exams
  • Cleanings
  • Routine and non-routine X-rays
  • Fluoride application
  • Sealants
  • Space maintainers (limited to non-orthodontic treatments)
  • Emergency care to relieve pain
Plan covers 100% (no deductible) Plan covers 100% (no deductible)
Basic Restorative Care
  • Fillings
  • Oral Surgery
  • Surgical Extraction of Impacted Teeth
  • Anesthetics
  • Major and Minor Periodontics
  • Root Canal Therapy/Endodontics
  • Relines, Rebases and Adjustments
  • Repairs: Bridges, Crowns and Inlays
  • Repairs: Dentures
You pay 20% after deductible is met You pay 20% after deductible is met
Major Restorative Care
  • Crowns/Inlays/Onlays
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
You pay 50% after deductible is met You pay 50% after deductible is met
Orthodontic Care
  Not covered Not covered

1 The Out-of-Network reimbursement amounts are limited to the Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC) which is based on the average Core Network contracted rates in the area.

Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan Rates

Below are the 2015 monthly pre-65 retiree contribution amounts for dental coverage.

2015 Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan Monthly Contributions
Retiree Retiree + Spouse Retiree + Child(ren) Retiree + Family
Cigna Dental PPO $25 $51 $55 $86

Pre-65 Retiree Vision Plan

No matter your age, we don’t want you to lose sight of the importance of annual eye exams. At Marathon Oil, our Vision Plan includes coverage for exams, frames and lenses or contacts. If you seek care through a UnitedHealthcare Vision in-network provider, you’ll receive a higher level of benefits and won’t have to file a claim form. You can see an out-of-network provider; however, you’ll pay more for services and will have to file a claim for reimbursement.

Pre-65 Retiree Vision Plan
Plan Features In-Network Out-of-Network
Frequency of Services
  • Exam
  • Lenses/Contacts
  • Frames
  • Once every calendar year
  • Once every calendar year
  • Once every other calendar year
  • Once every calendar year
  • Once every calendar year
  • Once every other calendar year
Exams and Materials
  • Exam
  • $10 copay
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $35
  • Frames
  • $10 copay*; $120 retail frame allowance
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $45
  • Single Vision
  • Bifocal
  • Trifocal
  • $10 copay*
  • $10 copay*
  • $10 copay*
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $25
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $40
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $55
  • Contact Lenses (in lieu of prescription glasses)
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $105
  • This benefit applies to one order of contact lenses per calendar year
  • Up to a maximum allowance of $105
  • This benefit applies to one order of contact lenses per calendar year

* If you purchase frames and eyeglass lenses at the same time from the same network provider, only one $10 copay will apply to both together.

Pre-65 Retiree Vision Plan Rates

Below are the 2015 monthly pre-65 retiree contribution amounts for vision coverage.

2015 Pre-65 Retiree Vision Plan Monthly Contributions
Retiree Only Retiree + Spouse/DP Retiree + Child(ren) Retiree + Family
UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan $6.46 $10.98 $11.66 $17.43

Thinking About Retirement?

You have worked your entire life to reach the exciting next phase — retirement. If you’re beginning to contemplate retirement, Marathon Oil wants to make sure that you have the information you need to make the right decisions for a successful transition. See the Tip Sheet below for details on what you need to consider if you’re preparing for retirement.

How to Update Your Contact Information

Please keep us up-to-date on where you are! If you move, whether it is permanent or a temporary move for a season, we ask that you update your address and phone number. We need your current information so we can stay in contact and deliver important communications to you regarding your benefits.

You can contact the Marathon Oil Benefits Department to update your information by phone, email or mail:

Phone: 1-855-652-3067
Marathon Oil Company
5555 San Felipe St.
Houston, TX 77056

How to Update Your Beneficiaries

You should designate a beneficiary for your Thrift Plan benefits, as well as any applicable Life Insurance and AD&D coverage. For instructions, see the Beneficiary Changes Tip Sheet.

How Do I Access My Thrift Plan Account in Retirement?

As a retiree, you have many of the same Thrift Plan features that were available to you as an active employee. You can access your Thrift Plan account through loans, installments and/or withdrawals. To initiate a distribution, contact the Marathon Oil Company Benefits Service Center at Fidelity at 1-800-841-0213 or log onto your account at

How Do I Know If I Have Coverage Under the Level Premium Life Insurance Plan?

The Level Premium Life Insurance Plan closed to new members on June 1, 1994. To verify if you have coverage under the plan – or for other questions about your life insurance benefits – contact the Marathon Oil Benefits Department at 1-855-652-3067. To validate or update your beneficiaries, contact Minnesota Life at 1-866-293-6047.

What Discounts Are Available to Retirees?

Marathon Oil offers a variety of discounts to retirees, as well as employees, so you can save on items you enjoy on a daily basis.

Retirees are eligible to enroll in our employee discount site for savings on travel, electronics, restaurants and more!

To be eligible to enroll, Marathon must have your email address on file. If we already have this on file, you can proceed to the link below and register. If you need to provide your email address to Marathon please send an email to

Retiree Discount Site:

Automobile Discounts

Are you interested in a new vehicle? Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and GM all offer Marathon Oil’s valued employees and retirees opportunities to purchase or lease eligible vehicles. Click on the link below to view the offers.

Relocation Discounts

Are you planning to move? Discounted moving rates may be available to retirees who move from one state to another – or possibly even within the same state. Visit the link below for additional details.

Dependent Status Changes

If you have a dependent status change during retirement, you may need to update your benefits coverage. Be sure to review the dependents you have enrolled in your pre-65 retiree health, dental and vision plans, and use the form below if you need to add or drop a dependent from coverage.

Death Notification

There are certain steps that must be taken in the event of your or a dependent’s death. If this happens, call the Marathon Oil Benefits Department at 1-855-652-3067. You’ll need to complete the Benefit Enrollment/Change Form below and mail, fax or email it to the Marathon Oil Benefits Department. You may also want to take a look at your beneficiaries for your life insurance, OAD and retirement benefits.

How Do I Get My Power of Attorney Approved?

Power of Attorney (POA) designations can be emailed to the Marathon Benefits Department at The POA must specify if it is applicable to HIPPA Protected Health Information (PHI), the Thrift Plan and/or the Retirement Plan. Be sure to include the Social Security number, date of birth and address of the person you are designating as your agent in the POA.

Job Opportunities

At Marathon Oil, we place a high value on the skills and expertise of our people – especially individuals like you who have contributed to our success for many years and possess valuable industry expertise. Because we appreciate your knowledge and experience, we’d like to remind you that Marathon Oil occasionally has job openings that can give you an opportunity to return to the Company part-time and/or for a limited duration.

These work assignments offer you and Marathon Oil the best of both worlds. Because you’re already familiar with our culture, internal processes and practices, you’re able to get up to speed quickly and cost-effectively, which is ideal for our business.

We currently have a number of opportunities listed on our website, in addition to continually having a variety of shorter term, project-based work within our corporate support groups, asset teams and development projects. If you are interested in considering any of the specifically listed vacancies and/or any type of shorter term project-based work, and you have had at least a six-month break in service, click here to provide us with your information. Please be aware that certain restrictions may apply, based on your personal retirement situation. Thank you for your time and interest and, of course, your valued contribution that has been vital to our success over the years.

Please note: Submitting your information is not a guarantee for work. You will only be contacted by Marathon Oil should it be determined that a position exists fitting your knowledge and skill set. This is not intended to create an offer of employment.