Relocation Assistance

Transferring to a new location can be stressful for employees and their families. Marathon Oil recognizes this and wants to make the transition as easy and trouble-free as possible. Whether you’re moving to another country or relocating within the U.S., our Relocation Assistance Plan will help you every step of the way.

What Are My Relocation Benefits?

The Marathon Oil Company Relocation Assistance Plan is intended to move employees from one location to another as efficiently as possible. The benefits available to you are dependent on your specific situation. Please consult the relevant plan below for further details. Should you have additional questions, please contact your HR Business Partner or email the Global Mobility & Relocation Coordinator at

When Do I Need to Submit My Relocation Expenses?

The time limit for completing a relocation is 12 months from the effective date of transfer.

Please note: Under IRS guidelines, certain reimbursed relocation expenses are considered taxable income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’re getting ready to move to a new location – we’re sure you have questions, and we’ve got the answers. Here are the top five questions we’ve been asked about relocation:

  1. If eligible for an Exception & Incidental Allowance, is it intended to cover all of my relocation expenses?
    No, your Exception & Incidental Allowance is intended to help cover only those relocation expenses that are not specifically covered under other provisions of the Relocation Assistance Plan.
  2. Why can’t the appraisals be done at the beginning of the relocation process?
    Employees are expected to actively market their homes in order to produce a sale. If the home sells during the 60-day marketing period, appraisals are not necessary. In addition, if appraisals were completed at the beginning of the process, employees might have no incentive to actively participate in the sale of their home.
  3. Are all of my reimbursed relocation expenses taxable to me?
    All reimbursed expenses are taxable to you except those expenses determined by the IRS to be excludable (non-taxable). Those items considered non-taxable are shipments of household goods, airfare and lodging on the final trip to your new location, first 30 days of storage and part of your mileage reimbursement on the final trip to your new location.
  4. I don’t want to move my family until school is out. Can I get an extension on my 12-month relocation period?
    Exceptions to the Relocation Assistance Plan may be granted, but require the approval of the Vice President of the employee's receiving organization and the Global Mobility & Relocation Coordinator. Keep in mind that extensions beyond the plan’s 12-month requirement for completing a transfer may result in reimbursements being taxable. In such cases, the added tax costs will be paid by the employee.
  5. Do I need to repay any unused portion of the Exception & Incidental Allowance?
    No, you do not need to repay any unused portion of the Exception & Incidental Allowance.

Have additional questions? Contact your HR Business Partner or email the Global Mobility & Relocation Coordinator at